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To explore the influence of personality traits, resilience and coping style on the efficacy of sertraline in the treatment of female adolescents with first-episode depressive disorder Pending
Research on Risk Prediction Models of Dangerous Behaviors among Patients with Severe mental disorder in a Community in Southwest China Pending
Effect and influencing factors of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of chronic insomnia Pending
Clinical study of peripheral tryptophan-kynurenine pathway in patients with schizophrenia Pending
Effects of group cognitive behavioral therapy on clinical efficacy and frontal executive function in patients with generalized anxiety disorder Pending
The relationship between insecure attachment and procrastination in college students: the path analysis of mindfulness and self-control Pending
Clinical analysis study of postpartum schizophrenia Pending
The Chain Mediating Effect of Self-hatred and Negative Affect on the Relationship between Perceived Stress and Executive Function in Adolescents Pending
The Effects of Stressors and Stress Coping Styles on the daily Life of College Students With Migraine Pending
Reasonably carry out multivariate analysis: exploratory factor analysis Pending
Reasonably carry out multivariate analysis: exploratory factor analysis Pending
Reasonably carry out multivariate analysis: complex structural equation model analysis Pending
Reasonably carry out multivariate analysis: simple structural equation model analysis Pending
Effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive function in male patients with chronic schizophrenia Pending
Effect of MBFT intervention on depressive psychology and non-suicidal self-injury behavior in adolescents with depressive disorder Pending
Analysis of the mediating effect of fear of disease progression on metacognition and quality of life in patients with ovarian cancer Pending
Application of network-group cognitive behavioral therapy in improving symptoms of depression and anxiety Pending
Hot spots in diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder Pending
The Depression in Elderly Cataract Patients and Its Effect on Self-perceived Burden and Postoperative Vision-related Quality of Life Pending
Effect of CBT on quality of life in Parkinson Pending