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Intention to study medicine and its related factors in middle school students during COVID-19 epidemic Pending
Effect of emotional catharsis on mental health status, coping style and intervention satisfaction of adolescents in Nanchong City after the epidemic Pending
Analysis of Death Causes and Life Loss of Patients with Severe Mental Disorders in xx City from 2014 to 2020 Pending
The evaluation quality indexes of psychiatric nursing: A review Pending
A case of marginal Encephalitis with positive Anti-CASPR2 Antibody Pending
Effect of group interpersonal psychotherapy on cognitive function and social function of first-episode schizophrenics Pending
Analysis of management and treatment of patients with severe mental disorders in Chengdu from 2016 to 2020 Pending
Prediction effect of Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder‘s core symptoms to behavioral problems of children Pending
Investigation on quality of life and needs of relatives of patients with mental disorders in hospice care 2022, No.6 
Analysis on quality of life in patients with depression and its associated factors Pending
Study on influencing factors of medication adherence of patients with severe mental disorders in Zhengzhou Pending
Relationship between mitochondrial dynamics, neuroinflammation and schizophrenia Pending
Effect of home visit based on empowerment education on psychotic symptoms, self-management ability and well-being of home-based rehabilitation schizophrenic patients Pending
Association between depression, the degree of mental health knowledge and the attitude of mental illness among grassroots administrators Pending
Research progress on stigma of family caregivers of schizophrenia patients Pending
Research progress on fear of dementia Pending
Relationship between Occupational Stress, Psychological Capital and Insomnia among Nurses:The mediating effect of psychological capital Pending
Prevalence and correlates of insufficient sleep duration in medical students with migraine Pending
Pharmaceutical Care for a Patient with Schizophrenia complicated with PulmonarySTuberculosis Pending
The effect of anxiety and depression on Internet gaming disorder in medical students : the regulatory role of genderrole of gender Pending