Analysis of Death Causes and Life Loss of Patients with Severe Mental Disorders in xx City from 2014 to 2020
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lixiaohui Shandong Daizhuang Hospital 山东省济宁市任城区济岱路1号
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liwu Shandong Daizhuang Hospital 山东省济宁市任城区济岱路1号
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      Objective Through the analysis of the causes of death and life loss of patients with severe mental disorders, to provide reference for the formulation of safety control, prevention and intervention strategies for patients with severe mental disorders. Methods A total of 3,638 patients who died after being entered into the " National Information System For Psychosis" with filing cards in Jining City from 2014 to 2020 were collected. After consulting patient management files and extracting general information and death status, SPSS22.0 software was used for data processing to analyze the causes of death of patients with different characteristics. Potential Years of Life Lost, Average Years of Life Lost, Potential Years of Life Lost Rate were analyzed . Results Most of the dead patients were schizophrenia, accounting for 77.7%. The age of first onset of mental retardation with mental disorder was the youngest, and the average course of disease was significantly longer than that of other types of patients. Somatic disease is the leading cause of death. The proportion of male death due to somatic disease (52.04%) was slightly higher than that of female (50.06), and that of widowed people (57.85%) was significantly higher than that of other marital status (P < 0.05). The average years of life lost (AYLL) of patients with severe mental disorders in Jining was 18.95 years, and the potential life lost rate (PYLLR) of mental disorders caused by epilepsy was 892.73%, ranking the first in the list of life lost. Conclusion In the management and control of patients with severe mental disorders, attention should be paid to early identification and treatment of patients' own somatic diseases, and to provide comprehensive management and treatment services for patients. Mental disorders caused by epilepsy can be regarded as the focus of the management of severe mental disorders in Jining.
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