A case of marginal Encephalitis with positive Anti-CASPR2 Antibody
Xing Xin1, Zhou Bo2,3
1.North Sichuan Medical College;2.四川省人民医院·3.四川省精神医学中心
Abstract:This paper reports an elderly patient with marginal encephalitis with positive anti-CASPR2 antibody. The common manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of anti-CASPR2 antibody encephalitis are introduced. Through the analysis of clinical symptoms and auxiliary examination, it provides an idea for the diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis in elderly patients with mental and behavioral abnormalities and cognitive impairment. It is suggested that elderly patients with autoimmune encephalitis may aggravate the incidence of cerebrovascular disease at the same time.
Key words:  CASPR2 antibody  abnormal mental behavior  elderly patients  cerebrovascular disease